8 best African online dress shops - Top places tips

Jeni on 27th Jul 2020

8 best African online dress shops - Top places tips

In this article I will give you 8 of my top tips for the best African print dress online shops currently putting Africa on the map!

In the last few years there has been an influx of African print designers but how do you know which ones you can trust with your hard earned money!

there was a time when the only place offering these African print dresses where market stalls offering some pretty badly made pieces which often had frayed edges and made with a very bad fitting patterns and I dreamed of finally finding pieces that would reflect the super stylish me that didn't involve me wasting money and time after endlessly getting my fabrics destroyed by seamstress and tailors who just didn't get it and now thanks to the new movers and shakers breathing life to this fabulous fabric, there are now exciting African print dresses out there for everyone!

Here are some of my 8 best tips for shops that go that little bit extra and worth giving a try.

1. Sosome

If you are someone who worries that African prints dresses may not be for you and you struggle with thinking all those patterns and colours will be too much of a challenge, then try Sosome. sosome African prints are unlike anything else in the marketplace, each item is a designer masterpiece, the garments are made beautifully inside and out and the fabrics have been hand crafted to be unique to the premium brand. The dresses are so stunning that you may need to double take to even confirm if they are African prints. Sosome collections are absolutly perfect for fashion lovers everywhere and offers everything from casual day African print maxi dresses to stunning elegant African print occasion and outwear pieces all shipped worldwide from London!

2. Grassfields

Shoulder Dress by Grassfields in African prints

Grassfields is a marketplace currently taking the African market by storm with a huge social media following. Offering premium African print clothes, ranging from casual dresses to African print jumpsuits in fashionable modern silhouettes. They offer a large selection of African print dresses in their online store in various sizes including Plus size.

3. Afrikrea

Afrikrea shop  top 5 market place

Whilst Afrikrea is not an individual retailer like those mentioned above, however Afrikrea serves as a general market place offering a diverse spectrum of designers from low to premium quality depending on budget. Afrikrea offers African print clothing, African print home Accessories and a diverse range of African print products.

Be sure to check out individual reviews before embarking on a designer in this platform as you can't always guarantee the standard of product you will get.

4. Etsy

African prints in Etsy Market place

Etsy has been around for awhile now but how many of you know that it also has a huge area dedicated to African print dresses for women ,African print men clothing, African print children and accessories collection ?

Just like Afrikrea , do a little research before purchasing and enjoy from their large selection of designers from across the globe. it can be a little daunting shopping there and personally I would advice that if you do find a designer that you like then take a little more time to search for the designers direct website and buy directly from the designer main website instead of from Etsy because Etsy does take a lot of commission off the designers when purchases are made on their platform.

A lot of designers in the African print sector are mainly small business and its important for us to support their efforts by trying to shop directly through their websites. you can often find links to the designer website already linked to their Etsy shop

5. Ofuure


Ofuure offers African print dress styles to match modern lifestyles and is developing a large social media following day by day and offers a range of sizes

6. Laviye

African print swimwear by Laviye

Summer is not summer without a stunning jaw dropping swimwear at the beach and what gets more stunning than an African print inspired outfit complete in stretch Kente style prints by L'aviye! shop L'aviye full collection that covers everything from casual day wear to rock out gorgeous beach wear outfits

7.True & Fond

Kente gowns By True & Fond

True & Fond shows you how to be the belle of the ball with their collection featuring gowns for proms and special occasions and a whole lot more delivered to you straight from the motherland Ghana!

These are just some of the great works been put out there and would love to hear your feed back if you have tried and tested any of these platforms and off course of you have any other recommendations, then please do share in the comments section!

8. Ohema Ohene

This one is defintly for the men!

Ohema Ohene offers for both men and women as the name states and the African print mens online clothes oozes sophistication, class and elegance.

shop online for their wide selection of African print men blazers 2 and 3 piece suits, shirts, jackets and more. the tailoring and craftsman ship is simply one of the best out there!

For the men out there, I know you will be very happy with this tip and you can thank me by sharing these tips to all those who need it.