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Designing Modern African Dresses

Looking for perfect modern African Dresses? If you have a love for Ankara Dresses designed with modern colorful prints for women then you have landed in the right place! Sosome is the perfect online store designed with keeping you original. We want you to make us your ultimate go to for unique African clothing online shop.


Whether you are looking for the trendiest clothing items or the African Dresses with statement prints or the exclusive sustainable fabrics, we have got you covered on all fronts. Just check out our product line, and you would fall for our merchandise right away. Not only because we have the products that you would love but also because we believe in providing our customers with the most exciting and reliable online shopping experience in a sustainable way.

Sosome aims to be one of the best African clothing online shop that sells everything that you need. An online shopping experience with us offers you absolute convenience and effortlessness. We are an independent business operating from our privately-owned Ghana production office and London UK warehouse, where currently, all online orders are swiftly dispatched to serve our customers worldwide!

About the Founder

Born in Accra Ghana, Jenifer Thompson-Quartey, and later raised in London UK at the age of 9. Jenifer always dream of elevating the culture of her homeland through fashion. Once she graduated in Fashion Design with BA Honors and gaining over a decades worth of valuable working experience for some of the high-end clothing retailers in the UK and USA, her passion increased many folds. As a result of this passion, Sosome came into being in 2015. The driving force behind Sosome is the determination to let the whole world see the true beauty of Africa and her culture.

Our Mission

Sosome Mission is to share the beauty of Africa with designs from the African culture with the aspiration to bring you lasting African clothing for women while continuing to be a sustainable brand that is not only trendy and diverse but is also lovable and reliable!

WHY the US?

Our top of the line merchandise products have been designed for the people who are passionate about African fashion and love to show this love through their clothing. Our amazing collection has been handcrafted using handpicked, sustainable fabrics by the designer who works with a team that is passionate and dedicated. Moreover, our team thrives on making your online shopping experience one of its kind in terms of being completely pleasant and effortless 5 star service.

We are proud of our customer services as we ensure to provide the most hassle-free and friendly shopping environment to our valued customers. Not only that, but we also provide the best value for your money at competitive rates.

We would love to make your shopping experience with us worthwhile so that you keep coming back for more while being totally satisfied with our services as well as products.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop with us and embark on this exciting African fashion journey with us.